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Before & After

Check out our customer stories below of how our store's products impact their pets, before & after with photographs and testimonials:

I had one thing to say it is that the dry kibble was killing my cat. I have been using the Rabbit raw food diet for a little over a month now…I wish I took picture from the start but the first pictures are from about a week and a half into the raw diet. For years she has been suffering from skin allergies for which the Vet prescribed a steroid shot.

The shot helped for a couple weeks but as soon as it wore off the irritation, scabs, scratching etc would come back and got worse. The raw food diet has absolutely changed our lives! For the first time in years I can say she is healthy and happy without the skin irritation. The best feeling is knowing your animal is happy, so I wouldn’t wait another second switching your pets diet if your struggling.




My dog Roxy continues to do really well too and honestly I have you to thank. She just turned 12 in May but looks and acts like a puppy. Unbelievable that she was so sick two years ago.

This dog chewed her paws until the fur was gone...after eliminating foods she was allergic to she is so much better and feeling great. Her owners are thrilled! The first photo is before and the second is now. Please don't let anyone tell you it can not be done...She is proof! Why have an animal that suffers with biting and scratching at themselves to only be told they need medicine for the rest of their lives. She was on medicine for years for this before coming to Holistic Pet Cuisine.