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We are dedicated to the health and well being of your cats and dogs. Our commitment to your pet is evident as you pass through our doors. Our love of your animal is the main reason we share our knowledge with you so that your pet remains strong and healthy throughout their lives. 


helping animals on a daily basis. Keeping them strong and healthy

Our testimonials speak from our clients hearts!

I am so grateful to you and your products...I came into your store desperate to help my 10 yr old westie who had tons of Crystal's in his urine...the vet put him on a prescription diet and within a week he looked horrible..I was traveling in a few days and was deciding not to go.....but you had suggested the primal pork formula and the K 9 bionics and the pork bone broth...also his ear was inflamed for months..you suggested zymox ear solution...with all this...his ear calmed down overnight...so I went ahead and traveled leaving my husband in charge with this diet commitement... When I returned in 5 days he had looked so much better...so the following week I started my female 5yr old westie on this diet...Two months had passed and we checked his urine ...FREE AND CLEAR of crystals... I am so grateful to you and your staff who are equally accommodating..My babies mean the world to me...I also have a good sense of relief knowing how their diet is working for them..Thank you barbara for all you do!
Pam harel..❤

Big thank you to Barbara. I had issues and concerns with the food my girl Pepper was eating and Barbara came to our rescue. She spent time on the phone listening to this mommy go on too long with my concerns, explained different options available to us and was so kind and in no hurry to get off the phone. When I went to the store she was again so kind, spent so much time with me and never made me feel rushed while deciding what would work best for Pepper. She even made herself available with more phone calls and emails. If all of this wasn't enough to convince me I had found the right place she said she will check in with me to make sure that what we are doing is working well for Pepper. This is not a big box store and may be be a tiny bit more expensive than a box store, though I checked and there is only found a couple of dollars difference, this is the place for you and you fur baby. Personally I like to know that my baby is getting the best food for her and that we are not just someone buying food but that we are known and cared about. THANK YOU, BARBARA!!!!!!

Here is Kane’s progress. We switched him from kibble to raw food and we started supplementing with coconut

oil, greens-K9Biotics and goats milk. We also treated his bad spots with coconut oil and Apple cider vinegar! He’s much happier now, still some residual itching but much much better!!

Thank you Holistic Pet Cuisine! Our very sick Boxer, Jake suffers from IBD as a result of the surgery performed to remove cancer from his stomach and esophagus. He was prescribed Hills dog food which he had a difficult time keeping down. Thanks to Barbara and her staff storrecommending a raw diet by Primal. Jake has been on the pork patties for over 4 months and he has never vomited and his stool is firm. If you have a dog or cat with digestive issues RUSH over to Holistic Pet Cuisine (in Boca Raton, off Clint Moo`re Dr.) and speak to Barbara or her very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Pablo

I have been going here for about 5 months and in that time both of my pets are doing better. My cat has ibd with sever diarrhea for 2 years. After hundreds of vet visits, medication,shots prescription food,X-ray s vet, to no avail. Barbara worked closely with me and managed to fix my problem. My dog is has arthritis in both his front paws. They suggested CBD oil, which worked wonders. I’m am so glad I found this place. I’m very grateful to Barbara and her team.

Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to give you a heads up on Moxie's progress having switched to him to your 'greens' along with the organic turkey dinner.  His weight, stools, energy, & appetite are finally under control & there is no sign of pancreatitis anymore.  I'm beyond thrilled with your watchful eye, suggestions & incredible knowledge.  I now know firsthand how important a holistic diet is & I wouldn't change for the world.  A million thanks.

With warm regards & infinite gratitude,

Joanie G

On this day of giving thanks. There are a ton of people I am thankful for, let me just say that first. I wanted to specifically thank Barbara Ratner of Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton. With all the dogs that I help she has always been extremely supportive and shown a tremendous interest in my rescue and sanctuary efforts. Most of my dogs have medical issues that range from being paralyzed to having severe ear problems and everything in between. She helps me choose the right foods for all the dogs. She is always thinking of ways to help my animals. She delivers all of my food. Which is so very much appreciated. Even when I forget and call her at the last minute. She has saved me in that regard more times than I can count. I have a rescue named Molly with the equivalent of the human condition "cauliflower" ears. That occurs from terrible ear infections (which some POS never took care of, which would have been easy) causing dogs to shake their heads a lot and scratch causing hematomas in the ears that do not reabsorb. I can barley get ear cleaner in her ears because her ear canal is so closed off due to scar tissue. She has had to take several oral medications for many months up until two weeks ago. She is now on a treatment regiment, we call it maintenance where she only takes her medication every two weeks for two weeks. She dose need 10 mg of prednisone daily and will probably need it for the rest of her life, and yes I stay on top of her blood work to check her kidney and liver functions as a result of being on pred. However, I am past the two week mark so far with out any issues because of a food that Barbara Ratner recommended. It is a total venison diet. Wet and Dry with special treats. She has so many products that are made in the USA they help in so many ways. She has a new "greens" product that Molly is on as well and I think that is helping too.  Barbara Ratner from the bottom of my heart thank you for your support and being such a caring and compassionate person. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family.

Hello Barbara,

Thanks again for taking the time to help me today.  I truly appreciate your kindness.

I have introduced the Weruva to one of them already (the 4-yr old girl with stress related Crystals) and it went really well.  I hope this continues with her and that my other cat will be just as excited for it.

I will round up some pictures to send. 😂

Wishing you a wonderful day and rest of the week.



I want to thank you very much for helping my dog mocha she was very ill with pancreatitis and other problems you helped me pick out certain foods Probiotics certain treats now she’s 100% better I don’t have to bring her to the doctor anymore I trust you For your time and patience—Jill 

So happy I discovered this shop PLUS it's close to work as an added bonus.The gals in this shop are so helpful and friendly. The variety of healthy choices for your pets are fantastic covering puppies to adulthood. I don't shop at franchise pet shops. I want to know that I have healthy choices for my dog. Frozen raw, ..meal toppers, dried tripe (ewe, I know ...but he likes)...Orijens, etc...The treats surpass any franchise shop you go to I like to make my own but I don't have the time these days.Try the chicken crisps! Just like potato chips and your dog will love them!Because of this shopmy dog has turned into a snob and foodie!Thank you for being there! You rock it! Its a bit pricey but isn't your dog worth it! 

Susan C 

These ladies know what they are talking about. They are very knowledgeable. I came in with my newly adopted 34 year old Shitzu Pacci. I told them that he was having a hard time pooping and it was a bit watery. I was interested in some natural and clean dog food that would not contain harmful chemicals. They told me to use some special hard food and soft food for his diet specifically and give it a try.Within two days Pacci was pooping with no problem and his poop was firm and fluffy. No constipation . He also ate the food super fast.and loves it!Can't be anymore happy with the decision we made. Thank you so much for helping with pack's transition. We are definitely coming back to buy more dog food. 

My new favorite place to buy everything and then some for my dogs. The people that work here are awesome people and dog friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend you check them out! DEB S

Thank You Barbara for all your Support today!! 🐶❤️ Kathy and Obie

Our little dog is now in his teen years. With that said, he looks like he is 2 to 3 years old. We have been feeding him food from Holistic Pet Cuisine since he was born and it has really made a difference.They have so many healthy NON-GMO, and organic prodcuts to keep your pet at this best! I highly recommend this place for not only their products but for their wonderful customer service as well.

Everyone is super nice, knowledgeable and attentive to my dog's needs. They go above and beyond to make sure my dog has his food. Extremly reliable! 
Vera Cuev

I love this store! It has everything my puppy wants and it's all healthy and good for him. The service is amazing and the girls always go above and beyond , and always with smiles on their faces! It's a one of a kind!

Tamera A

Fantastic Place! So happy I found them. My cat had issues with her food and Barbara and her staff helped me pick out some options that my cat now loves and are so muchmore healthier for her. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who loves their pet and their long term health! Thank You!
Linda Z

I would highly recommend! They are very knowledgeable and my dog is feeling better already! 
Julie M

Met with Barbara concerning my chihuahuas weight problem , she was knowledgeable and helpful in choosing a food and diet plan for Herman. Herman's on his ninth day with more energy and doing great!
Robert C

The most knowledgeable pet store! I have never to over 8 years now. The best food, the snacks, and the best people. You will never got to a pet supermarket again. Love this place.
Michael B

I'm from Canada and I was staying in Florida for a few months on a course, I was having trouble finding a raw dog food comparable to what my pup was eating at home. The folks at Holistic Pet Cuisine were great and incredibly knowledgeable. I wish i lived closer so I could give them my business on a regular basis. Thanks for being so awesome!
Meighan G

Simply a great service! Our Sammy will be in good hands. As a holistic psychotherapist and a stress management coach I care for my puppy as much as i care for myself. 
Mateja P

Love this place! Barbara advised me about food that would be healthy for my little baby Gigi who has colitis. We got her the food for small breeds. She's eaten this for four nights in a row without us begging her to eat. Then she's full of energy. So happy! Thanks Barbara
Stacy P

Love this place! Terrific selection of premium, holistic foods, treats and supplements. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and kind they've helped me with my special needs boy so much over the years. we love you Holistic Pet Cuisine.
Laura A

Very helpful, informative and sweet. A great staff and great store that only carries the best of the best for your dog and cat. My pup is happy and full of energy. thank you Barbara.
jake T

They are so helpful! My puppy loves everything from here!

Amazing customer service. Very Knowledgeable.
Valewrie C

Thank you for taking the time knowledgeable and diligence asking and answering every question! Macy

Roberta D


 Hi Barbara
I had to let you know that Rascal is now in doggie heaven. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you have given us in the past 10 years. I really feel if it wasn't for u he would of never lived as long as he did. U r absolutely amazing and your advice was always on target.
I am very sad but I wanted to let u know.
Thank u for everything
Mary Ann

Very helpful, informative and sweet.. A great staff, and great store that only carries the best of the best for your dog/cat.. My pup is happy and full of energy! Thank you Barbara!!    

This is a story about a year and a half baby girl named Sarite a long haired shepherd. She had stopped eating many times and was loosing weight major diarrhea and vomiting blood. She was diagnosed with Addison's disease , bleeding ulcers, and IBD (irritable bowl disease) after spending thousands of dollars at the vet, once again finding the right food was a very hard task. After meeting with Barbara and Howard after hours of talking and analyzing Sarite's eating. We were told by the vet that it would take 6 months to a year before Sarite would ever have normal bowls as well numerous meds and needles were happening at tme.After Barbara asked us to trust her we did and put Sarite on a raw diet. Well, a miracle has happened within 24 hours her stools were normal, she actually slept through the night peacefully not going from one place to another in tummy pain. Sarite has gained weight and now looks forward to eating, and the best news is she is off all her meds,needles and her fur is gorgeous!Not only was she limping, Barbara suggested adding a joint supplement and the limping is gone and she is such a happy and healthy baby girl. So the moral of the story is put trust in Barbara and Howard who only want the best for your pets and for us owners who care and love our animals. Thanks again to Holistic Pet Cuisine, Barbara, Howard and staff.  
N and B Levine
Boca Raton, Fla
Please take a look at the amazing results in these photos....a before and after picture
This dog chewed her paws until the fur was gone...after eliminating foods she was allergic to she is so much better and feeling great. Her owners are thrilled! The first photo is before and the second is now. Please don't let anyone tell you it can not be done...She is biting and scratching at themselves to only be told they need medicine for the rest of their lives. She was on medicine for years for this before coming to Holistic Pet Cuisine. Her owners wanted me to post these pictures.
I would like to briefly comment on our visit yesterday and your Primal raw food.
I couldn't start Scooby's diet yesterday because I forgot that my
sister would be baby sitting for him last night.
I started it this morning for breakfast.


or more like:


I have never seen him dive into his morning meal like he did this morning.
I think that you (Holistic) and Scooby will be starting a long term relationship.
I also went through my photo album and found my two favorite photos of Scooby
that I would love to share with you.

Steven Nieschawer 
Boynton Beach, Florida
Barbara and Howard,
Thanks for the note – I have liked you on FACEBOOK and really enjoyed visiting your store.  My Millie – a newly adopted 5 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff, much enjoyed the treats I picked up yesterday for her!  Attached is her picture.  Looking forward to stopping in again.
Leslie Stevens

These two beautiful cats had severe skin issues and with a change of diet that worked for them and not against them.... they were able to feel better, look better and live their lives without allergy medicines.
Thank you Dr .Carter for your referral...
You see you have choices for your pets 

Clearly a veterinarian who believes that holistic food can work over other choices that are offered today.
Dear Barbara,
Thank you again for the 2nd choice of dry food. We are on our way to staying healthy because of your expertise. Mommy loves us so much and she is thankful that Dr. Carter sent us to you!
I was in yesterday to look into my dogs allergies and see if I could find a better diet. You recommended Stella and Chewy’s frozen Turkey food. Pretzel loved it! And, his poop this morning was champion!
If this continues, I’ll spend less time cooking a complete meal each evening (salmon, sweet potatoes and broccoli) and will have more time for myself and less food waste. J
I’ll let you know if Pretzels allergies improve.
Best wishes,
Boynton Beach, Fl

Very helpful, informative and sweet.. A great staff, and great store that only carries the best of the best for your dog/cat.. My pup is happy and full of energy! Thank you Barbara!!
Jake Trio
Delray Beach, Fl

Blossom so many bouts allergies including inconsistent poops. We went on the raw diet for him and in no time his poops were just perfect .
He no longer walks away from his bowl because he knows he enjoys and feels great from his new diet from Holistic Pet Cuisine. Thank you !

Hi again, Barbara. I just wanted to say "thank you" about a million times!  While I have just been able to obtain the Primal rabbit frozen food today, I started feeding him Evanger's wet rabbit (all meat) a day or so after we talked, and noted a drastic improvement in his allergy symptoms (foot licking, scratching, etc).  I had ran out of it yesterday and had to feed him the venison again, and the symptoms instantly returned. So I think you picked a winner! I am a counselor, and after talking with you, I felt like I had a session myself. You are the first person I have been able to find who "speaks the language" of dog food fluently. It is always a battle, having to explain things to the people I'm seeking advice from (to include veterinarians), then I don't trust their opinion because I feel they should have known those things already. Because I don't want to get in another tight spot by only having one or two things that I can feed him, (I'm paranoid it will become unavailable.), I wanted to get your opinion on a couple of other foods. I can call you this week if it is easier than responding via email. Also, I have a family member in vet school, and I asked her about recommendations for probiotics. She said that Forti Flora is the only brand that has been proven to contain what it claims. However, it is beef flavored, which my dog is allergic to. (It makes me insanely frustrated that they don't take into consideration that some dogs have allergies! Vitamins, medications, foods, everything!) What is your opinion, and which probiotic do you recommend? Thank you so much again. God bless you for your help!
Lisa Mcmanus

It was great to meet you and i wanted to thank you much for helping me choose the right food for my dog. He absolutely loves it!  He went from being a VERY picky eater to waiting by his bowl to eat every day! 
I was waiting a while in case he changed his mind but he is still likes it so i need to get more soon.
My dog suffered from many different allergies and until I went to Holistic Pet Cuisine and changed his diet did he then stop scratching himself. Who knew that diet played such an important role in his life. 
Thank you,
Delray Beach, Fla

I have some great news to share. My cat Abbie has been by my side for 16 years. The past couple of months she has been declining...Inflammatory Bowel Disease, enlarged heart, and she lost half her body weight. Here is where the good news comes in. I saw Barbara at www. HOLISTIC PET CUISINE.com, and she recommended changing her food to raw. I have been slightly cooking rabbit "bricks" for Abbie to eat. She went from 6.9lbs to 7.5lbs in the past 7 days. This is huge. Her fur is shiny and softer than ever. I have seen first hand how what you eat greatly impacts your health. Something for us all to remember. 

Hello Barbara, I wanted to thank you for turning us on to Embark raw food for Toby, my little Min Pin.  He is a about 15 years old and weighs 10 lbs, we adopted him six years ago but we are not certain of his real age.  Since Toby became part of our family, he has suffered from digestive problems: About 3-5 times a month he would have a "non-eating episode". It would start by his intestines making  a loud growling and "howling"  noise, episodes did mostly start at night. The loud growling did wake me up every time, it also made Toby very uncomfortable and not able to rest.  At that point, it took him about 12 - 48 hours before he would be able to eat again.  He had prescription medication to alleviate his symptoms but these med's did not prevent these episodes.  He also was prescribed Pepcid AC regularly - no help there either.  Nor did any other diet help.  In addition to these "non-eating" episodes Toby had often diarrhea and his stool always was very runny and mucous. Once I switced Toby over to Embark, all of the digestive symptoms disappeared!  He has been eating his meals daily, his stool has been normal, and he has a lot more energy for an older dog. He has been on this diet since July 2011, about 4 months now, and it has made all the difference. Once again, thank you for recommending Embark raw diet for Toby! Birgitta Mangs
Boca Raton, Florida 

Once again, THANK YOU for helping Raymond with his urinary tract issues.  After developing crystals from a dry food diet alone, you put him on an amazing diet.....not only is his UTI  issues resolved (without the disgusting \"vet\" food); but Raymond's breath doesn't smell, his poops don't smell AND he is hardly shedding!  This is a true testiment to \"You are what you eat\". 
I never knew he had an allergy as well which caused the smell until it was brought to my attention. I thought it was normal. It is not!
Thanks so much. 
Debbie Cottone
Boca Raton

Howard & Barbara ,
As you know I have a 10 year old American pit bull terrier "little" that has been plagued with skin allergies. My wife and I have spent a large amount of money on visits to the Vet, pills, allergy testing and allergy shots. We realized through the testing that Little was allergic to many common food ingredients while also suffering from many environmental allergies. After roughly three years of up and down results with medications, we were still fighting dry skin, poor looking coat, itching, hair loss etc. 
Four weeks ago we decided that we were no longer going to give Little the medications due to cost and also because they simply were not working. At that time you recommended a change to his diet, supplementing with fish oils and also incorporating some RAW. 
I am pleased to tell you that within 3 days I could see a difference. 
One month has passed and Little has never looked better! The dry skin is gone. His coat is silky smooth with a beautiful shine and his hair has completely filled in! 
We are feeding the Great life- fish oil/day and supplementing Primal canine  RAW formula . 
Thank you for all of your help! 
Dan Elchert 

 Maggie, nine and a half (left) and Lexi, seven, next month (right) demanded that I tell you how happy they are now and how great they feel after being on their new, raw diets that you recommended. In two weeks, Lexi will have her first ever ‘itch free’ birthday!
Born and raised in Arizona until we moved here in July, they are half-sisters from the same blue-ribbon winning dad but different blue-ribbon winning moms. “Dad was truly a stud”, they tell us!  Lexi has always had severe allergies. Her skin was continuously developing little welts and she was forever scratching and licking herself and just plain miserable. We tired everything short of the expensive allergy tests, to figure out what was wrong. The dermatologist vet thought it was the desert grass and trees and the move here might help her. It did not.
For the last year we have been making their food from the ‘human’ food we eat, thinking that might help. It did not …but it tasted pretty good! After a month on raw formulas Lexi is welt, rash and itch free! She is full of life and one, really happy and calm girl. Maggie too is a new girl. She has lost almost a whole pound, is so full of energy and has become puppy-like all over again. They both love you and thank you so much.

Roz and I too want to sincerely say ‘thank-you’ for all your patience and diligence with Lexi, our very picky eater and Maggie, who eats anything and everything! We know they are healthy and happy, their weight is right and they will probably live longer, pain free lives because of  your work. (Maybe I should try this stuff!)
Rosalynn & Walt Gorski,  November 2010

I am absolutely thrilled and astonished on the turn around for Rocky in such a short time period.  I rescued/adopted my Maltese, now 16 years old, Rocky 5 years ago.  He came to me with a chronic ear wax build up which I am certain has lead to his deafness.  Along with the constant ear issues he also chewed his feet on and off until the fur was gone.  After only a few short weeks of the pet foods Barbara recommended his ears COMPLETELY cleared and he stopped chewing his feet.  It has been a little over 3 months and he is doing great.  He is actually putting on a little weight (maybe not the best thing, but I know he is loving life).  My daughter commented on how I've brought him back to life!  Thank you Barbara for helping me to make his "twilight" years so wonderful.  WendyBoca Raton,Florida

Hello Barbara,
just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time you took to explain the different foods and to review Bella's issues and make recommendations.
As you know, Bella has had colitis since after she was about a year old (she is now almost 3).  She has alway been on very good quality foods as I mentioned, however, about every month or so she would have an episode.  I would have to cook a bland diet and she would be better in a couple of days.  The frustrating part was that even if it went away and I was always cautious with her diet, she always had a reoccurance.
You recommended the raw diet.  I'll be honest it was hard at first with the whole raw thing, but I would try anything if I knew it would help her.  She has now been on the Primal and also during the past couple of weeks on Ziwi Peak  as well. 
Bella looks amazing since she started her new diet!! Her skin cleared up (she had red itchy skin and thinning hair on the belly, etc). Her ears are beautiful and pink - no more red itchy ears!! She lost at least a 1 1/2! (she is a Chihuahua so that is a lot of weight) - she looks beautiful with her new thin waist and beautiful smooth coat! 
Best of all - no more colitis!! 
It's been about six weeks or so and the improvement is amazing.  
Thank you so much for helping my baby!!
I will definitely recommend you and your store and the foods you recommended to all my friends.
Delray Beach , Florida

You guys have the most yummy and healthy food ever!!!! We love, love when mommy give us a bath with Pet shampoo..it makes our hair  nice and soft, and the most important: stopped the itching!!!
Every time our dad goes to your store to get our food, he comes home with a big smile because you guys are awesome and take good care of our family by giving us the best quality and service.
Thank you so much!!!
Happy Holidays
Crunchy Jordan, Cosita Carolina Jordan & Chewy Jordan.
Boca Raton, Florida

This is Layla. Layla came to us about 8 months ago with terrible digestive issues. Her mom took her for every necessary test and she could find nothing wrong with her Layla other than IBD which was evident with her obvious "daily" loose poops! 
Layla's mom searched the internet for a solution to her Layla's intestinal problems. As she was searching the internet for someone to help her baby she fell into Holistic Pet Cuisine.
She thought she was going to loose her beautiful and precious Layla. 
Layla went from 80lbs to 45 lbs as the picture below shows...
Layla's mom knew that Layla needed a quick diet change but she did not know how to go about doing that... 
Her trip from Ft. Lauderdale to us was her last resort. 
The rest is history!
Layla was transformed into another dog with the help and the hand holding of HPC!
Her transformation is completely a Primal Pet Foodsraw diet success!
"Through the use of 100% digestible food products, Primal Formulas offer the nutrients essential to life in a superior, bio-available composition. Through better digestion and superior assimilation of food derived nutrients, your pets will live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives." Primal Pet Foods
She is currently at 78 lbs and has had a complete turn around through the use of healthy and nutritious foods! 
Her mom Pollyanna asked us to share her story with everyone...
So many animals are on the wrong foods and in many cases all it takes is a switch up to the "correct raw diet" not just any incomplete raw diet best dog food

GREAT place for your specially or non grocery store pet food! Many great options and staff is always very polite and helpful. I am sure they can help you get the food if they don't have it in the store!! Just ask. Lastly, when you checkout, take a look at the products on the cack shelf..I got a great sunscreen for my pet. Pablo Molina

Love them! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great supply of healthy pet foods and supplies AND they deliver for less than it cost to have a meal delivered for yourself. Definitely recommend if you want something better than a standard dry kibble for your pets. Erin Leibowitz

Fabulous selection! More raw options than anywhere else I have been lastley . All the best brands. JK Thompson

Very smart people.really know their stuff and great selection.  Bruce Bertman

it doesn't matter what I like it's what my dog loves! and I like it just fine the employees are very helpful and it's not a bad drive from Pompano Beach at all and Barkley loves the turkey sardine raw but Frozen dog food

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