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Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton- largest all natural pet

We love our clients and are so grateful to be able to help their pets.

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Thank you Barbara Ratner for all your help!  😊

This lady is amazing! She has helped me with not only my little pup but also with my senior dog. She takes the time to listen to what your fur friend needs and she’s knows her stuff! Since following some of her recommendations with food, my older dog is acting like a puppy again himself! Holistic Pet Cuisine is the place to go if you all have pets! 

I have to thank Barbra for all her help in recommending Primal for my two Maltese's. When I came to the store one of my dogs had problems with her digestion and her liver, After being on this food per my amazed Vet the dog is totally
Cured of her problems. The Vet is also suggesting to take her off of her medicine. My Vet believes the success is due to her holistic diet.
I highly recommend Barbra and her staff ! And highly recommend a holistic diet for pets


Fantastic Place! So happy I found them. My cat had issues with her food and Barbara and her staff helped me pick out some options that my cat now loves and are so much more healthier for her. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who needs help. Linda Z

Thank you Holistic Pet Cuisine! Our very sick Boxer, Jake suffers from IBD as a result of the surgery performed to remove cancer from his stomach and esophagus. He was prescribed Hills dog food which he had a difficult time keeping down. Thanks to Barbara and her staff storrecommending a raw diet by Primal. Jake has been on the pork patties for over 4 months and he has never vomited and his stool is firm. If you have a dog or cat with digestive issues RUSH over to Holistic Pet Cuisine (in Boca Raton, off Clint Moo`re Dr.) and speak to Barbara or her very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Pablo

I love this store! It has everything my puppy wants, and it is all healthy and good for him. The service is amazing and the girls always go above and beyond and always with smiles on their faces! Its a one of a kind place!

Tamara A

Made a quick visit to Holistic Pet Cuisine

in Boca Raton. Teddy is doing amazing and enjoying his treat!

For many months, our dog was suffering with a horrible skin problem that no anti allergic could heal. Two friends recommended the Holistic Pet Cuisine Green supplement and we gave it a try. I cannot tell you enough how good it did for our dog. His fur is fully back and totally recovered. Thanks to the staff at Holistic Pet Cuisine for having such an amazing product in Boca that can do wonders for our pets! Yulimar Q

it doesn't matter what I like it's what my dog loves! and I like it just fine the employees are very helpful and it's not a bad drive from Pompano Beach at all and Barkley loves the turkey sardine raw but Frozen dog food

I'm from Canada and I was staying in Florida for a few months on a course, I was having trouble finding a raw dog food comparable to what my pup was eating at home. The folks at Holistic Pet Cuisine were great and incredibly knowledgeable. I wish I lived closer so I could give them my business on a regular basis . Thanks Meighan G

Great selection of products with an amazing owner and staff. The tips that they gave me has helped to keep my senior boxer healthier and happy at meal time.


The most knowledgeable pet store I have never gone to over 8 years now. The best food the best snacks, and the best people. You will never go to a Pet Supermarket again. Love this place!

Best Place for pet food. So many healthy options and the staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are reasonable as well. I won't buy my pet food and supplements anywhere else.

I am writing to let everyone know what an incredible product holistic pet cuisine Greens are! My little 7 pound Chihuahua had an infected ulcer in her eye filled with bacteria. She was on five different antibiotics and drops at the same time. The vets at Penn Hospital were concerned whether or not she has a sensitive stomach because everything might give her loose stools, then some of the medications would have to be discontinued. I was worried as well because she has an extremely sensitive stomach. I called Barbara at holistic pet cuisine to ask her what she recommends and she recommended her product Greens I started giving it to Isabella twice a day Its been two weeks and she has been able to continue all her medicines and not one incident of loose stools. This product really has helped her stomach and the medications have helped her heal I'm going to continue using Greens forever! I can't thank Barbara enough! 

P-up-date: Kalie is feeling much better today 😊 She no longer has diarrhea, but the color of her stool is still between a shade of bright yellow and light brown, which is a bit concerning 😟 The vet called this morning with the result of her cortisol test, which were within normal range. Thank goodness 🙏🏽 We have a follow-up appointment with an Internal Medicine vet next week 👩‍⚕️ The ER vet wanted to put her on a wet-food diet and I refused 🙅🏻‍♀️ I prefer to have her on a raw or even cooked “human food.” I have been doing research and chatting with other dog-moms for tips and ideas on what to feed her (thank you Nikki Frew for all your suggestions) ❤️😌 I also reached out to Ketopet for a diet modification, since she was already on their diet plan (because she also has cancer). Today, I took Kalie to be seen our friend Skylar Ratner’s mom at HOLISTIC PET CUISINE and we got a some raw food, powdered greens w/probiotics. She likes the new food, so that’s a good thing!

Thank you for all the well-wishes! Hopefully this liver issue can be resolved with a simple diet change and of course exercise. I have also been looking into heartworm/tick/flea medications being the cause for elevated liver enzymes and may be taking her off those as well. Anyone with experience or knowledge on this topic please feel free to reach out! ❤️

I have shared about this place before but it"s worth mentioning again.

Holisticpetcuisineboca in Boca is amazing! I had some questions and concerns about my Bella and went to talk to them. I was there an hour and 15 minutes and both the woman and Barbara (the owner) were patient and kind and answered everything for me. They always help me find non toxic ways to help my fur baby. Jane Hansen

Love them. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great supply and healthy pet foods and supplies AND they deliver for less then it cost to have a delivery for yourself. Definitely recommend if you want something different then kibble for your pet. Erin

It doesn't matter what I like it's what my dog loves! and I like it just fine. The employees are so helpful and it's not a bad drive from Pompano Beach and Barkly loves the turkey sardine raw but frozen dog food. Nancy K

Great place for your specially or non grocery store pet food! Many great options staff is always very polite and helpful. Many great options. I'm sure they can help you get the food it they don't have it in the store!Lastly, when you checkout take a look at the products on the back shelf. I got a great sun screen for my pet! Pablo M

Fabulous selection! More raw options then anywhere else I've bee  lately. all the best brands ! JK THOMP


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